Easy Bean Soup Recipes
That Are Healthy, Warm and Comforting.

Looking for some Bean Soup Recipes that are savory, quick, easy, healthy and great tasting? Good, then you came to the right place.

There are so many bean recipes floating around on the Internet today. It's almost sad that there are so many. Then again it's nice to know that people like bean recipes as much as I do. Hopefully that means you too! 

A few on my site for example: black bean soup, pinto bean soup, Mexican bean soup, navy bean soup, and my favorite Hickory Smoked  Ham and Bean Soup, and more...

This is going to be one smelly computer when we are done with it. "HaHa".

Just Kidding. Ok, sorry for the corny joke. On with soup!

There are many different kinds of beans that you can use for soup.

Off the top of my head I can think of a few, lima beans, white beans, great northern beans, black beans and navy beans can be used for various kinds of soup recipes.

Beans are very healthy and nutritious, and can be a very good addition to many kinds of soup recipes.

You can adjust most bean soups so that they are more nutritious  for you. There is almost always a healthier spice you can use to substitute your current spice so that it fits in your diet or if your concerned about your health.

List and Description of our Bean Soup Recipes

Black Bean Soup with canned black beans or dry black beans - This soup has an enriching taste that includes black beans, garlic, carrots, corn, cilantro, vegetable broth and...

Navy Bean Soup -This easy Navy Bean Soup Recipe has smoked ham, navy beans, fresh parsley and...

15 Bean Soup - A very flavorful soup that uses leftover ham bones, red/purple onions and tomatoes.

Mixed 16 Bean Soup - 16 bean soup mix, tomato paste, chicken stock, crushed red pepper and mild or hot, whichever you would prefer, Italian sausage for a bean soup with a nice bite.

Bean and Cabbage Italian Soup - Bean and Cabbage Italian Soup is very high in nutrients and simmered to perfection. 

Lima Bean and Bacon Soup - Lima beans, leeks, carrots and other ingredients brings the flavor of this bean soup recipe home

Hickory Smoked Ham and Bean Soup - Hickory smoke flavoring makes this soup very unique and adding in ham and great northern beans makes it to die for.

Navy Bean and Bacon Soup Recipe - Chicken stock, crushed red pepper, and rosemary add something new to the table with this lightly creamed soup.

Great Northern Bean and Bacon Soup - With a slight tomato base and some bacon this recipe adds a new meaning to bean soup

Red Bean Soup - A savory bean soup that is nice to have in the dead of winter while a snow storm passes you by.

Chinese Red Bean Soup - This bean soup is quite different with a bit of a Chinese twist, sweet, yes it is, but the taste is amazing.

Sweet Red Bean Soup - Oddly enough this soup can be served hot or cold, summer or winter. You wont believe that it's soup.

Cuban Garbanzo Bean Soup - Chic peas are very healthy and taste great especially in a soup like this.

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