How to roast peppers
on a gas stove

Knowing how to roast peppers at home is a major benefit to your cooking.

Roasting red peppers at home can add a delicious touch to many different kinds of dishes and recipes.

From sandwiches to chilis, salads to soup and pizza to pasta.

Bring out those succulent juices from your peppers and add that fire roasted taste to your cooking.

Different methods for roasting peppers

You can learn how to roast peppers three different ways but the idea is the same, "burn the crap out of the outside", but there are certain steps and guidelines to take for your safety and the best results. The three methods are the

grill method
oven method
and the gas stove method

which we are discussing on this page. My recommendation would be the grill method because it has the best flavor, and no ventilation problems. But any method will do the trick.

Safety tips when roasting
peppers inside your home

I don't really like to roast peppers on the stove top in my home because of all the smoke it creates and the fact that I have a 1 year old in my home, so if you have children I don't recommend this method. But it can be done safely if your smart about it and use these safety tips.

All Peppers

Make sure you have very good ventilation, check your over-head oven fans and make sure they work well and use them on high.
Take an extra fan into your kitchen and point it towards an open window and turn it on high. If you don't have one I don't recommend using this method.
Open all windows in your kitchen and a good idea would be to open all your windows in your house.

When you roast a pepper use the back burners, the overhead oven fan seems to suck up more smoke back there.
Make sure you have a small fire extinguisher handy. It's a good practice to have a fire extinguisher in all kitchens.
You may want to turn off your smoke alarm because it may end up going off. Just don't forget to turn it back on when your done.
Keep a close eye when you roast a pepper and DO NOT leave the pepper unattended.
Never touch the pepper with your bare hands, use a pair of tongs to rotate it or take it off the burner.

Hot Peppers

When roasting hot peppers you want to take extra precautions because the hot pepper juices can irritate your eyes and skin.

When handling roasted hot peppers you should wear latex gloves, the oils from hot peppers can burn your skin. If you do happen to get it on your skin you can wash your hands with lemon juice to remove the "hot" smell and take away any burning.

Before roasting a hot pepper make sure it is very well ventilated. The fumes from roasting hot peppers can cause very bad eye irritation.
When working with hot peppers you may feel the the urge to rub your eyes, don't do it, this will only make it a lot worse. If you do happen to get it in your eyes it will burn for a few minutes, so rinse your eyes with water as best as you can.

How to roast peppers on a gas stove.

1. First what we want to do is rinse our peppers in water to rid them of any chemicals, then dry them off with a paper towel.
2. Coat the peppers with vegetable oil, make sure you get in the small grooves, a basting brush works well for this.
3. Turn on your gas stove to medium high and use a pair of tongs to place the pepper right on the grate.
4. When the pepper is blackened on that side turn the pepper 90 degrees with a pair of tongs and do the same thing. Do this until the pepper is completely blackened.
5. Put the blackened peppers in a large bowl and put a lid on it securely. If you don't have a lid, plastic wrap will do just as well, if you don't have either you can use a ziploc bag (it wont melt).
6. Let them sit, sealed in the container for 20 minutes.

Now you know how to roast peppers BUT you still need to know how to peel peppers which is explained on a previous page, just follow the link to finish off the process of roasting peppers.

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